Album Review: Ocean Colour Scene – Saturday

30 03 2010

**As originally published on PANICDOTS.COM – Mar 2010**

Remember the 90’s when TFI Friday was a highlight of the week, Chris Evans was still amusing and brit-pop was super-cool? A time when Ocean Colour Scene released Moseley Shoals, which included The Riverboat Song (that song off TFI Friday) and bona-fide rock anthem, The Day We Caught The Train. Those were good times.

Having just listened to this album, that seem like a life-time ago. Nowadays, you’d be forgiven for thinking TFI Friday was a restaurant, Chris Evans is just known as that irritating ginger twat that used to bang Billie Piper and Ocean Colour Scene have just released their ninth album, seven albums after they should’ve called it a day. If their current offering was a colour, it’d be beigey beige beige.

That’s not to say it’s terrible. It isn’t. Not really. It’s just bland. It’s inoffensive. Where their debut, Moseley Shoals, and even its follow-up, Marchin’ Already, had some genuine classic tracks, some proper rock-n-roll moments, some passion, somewhere along the way, Ocean Colour Scene lost that spark. It’s fair enough, they probably got old, it was 14 years ago that that magnificent debut was released. Scary thought that. There are a few foot-tappers here, such as title track Saturday, Mrs Maylie and Rockfield, but there’s a lot of fluff too e.g. first single Magic Carpet Days (which unsurprisingly failed to chart). The influences on display aren’t so much worn on their sleeves, more like they’ve weaved themselves some adult-sized romper suits out of the Beatles back catalogue, with a little Paul Weller shaped cravat.

If you’re a long-standing Ocean Colour Scene fan, you’ll probably enjoy this record. If you grew up with them, then your taste has probably matured alongside theirs, so this brit-pop dad-rock crossover is probably going to be perfect for you. If, however, you remember their classics fondly, but you’re not quite ready for your slippers and beige sweaters just yet, don’t ruin the memories, steer well clear.



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